• "I discovered the Gelepads in our local Convenience Store and was impressed with the instant comfort they provided to my elbows. What a clever idea. I now use them in my office and car. Not sure how I did without them. Thanks Gelepads!!

    T. Jefferson, Orlando, FL

  • I spend lots of time in my car and my elbows always suffer on the hard armrest. But not any more now that I have my Gelepads. Thanks Gelepad

    Miami, FL

  • I have one of those “Soft Touch” interiors that I thought would give me a comfortable experience ... not so! That padding wore out so quickly. But with my Gelepad I now have a really soft touch in my car. Great Job!

    Dallas, TX

  • I love these Gelepads – I have them all over my car and office chair. They work great! Only problem is that my kids keep taking them from my car. Luckily they do not cost much.

    T. McDonald, Boston MA

  • My truck has a hard edge on the transmission tunnel that was killing my leg. The Gelepad made it comfortable in an instant and also worked great on my worn out arm rest. Love It!

    D. Underwood, Atlanta GA