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Science and common sense observations have helped us to better understand that the lifestyle that we lead in a modern world does not always suit our bodies. This is especially relevant to the sedentary life style that we often lead where we are spending much of our waking hours sitting in a vehicles and at a desk. Even much of our leisure time in sitting watching TV and sports, playing video games or just relaxing in the lawn chair.

All this places our body in one spot for a long time, creating pressure points on parts of our body that were never designed for such prolong contact. Elbows, forearms and the sides of legs (parts of the body that do not have much if any muscle or fatty tissue to provide cushion) are a primary points of sedentary contact, that over time can suffer from this continuous pressure contact. The results are apparent with pain, tender tissue, sores and the not so obvious issues with transferred pain exhibited in pinched nerves, joint pain, headaches and stress. Eliminating these pressure points with a lifestyle change is advisable but not always practical or obtainable.

This is where Gelepads provide the best solution. Gelepads, by design are intended to mimic the natural padding of soft human muscle, (think of a baby laying on his mother’s breast - it does not get much better than that) providing you the cushion for spots on your body where you need it most. Instantly adding the experience of natural muscle to that part of your body that needs the cushioning. The nature of the unique properties of the medical quality gel contained in the Gelepad and the soft fabric covering provide a natural feeling and comfort that will eliminate the pain and soreness you experience on your pressure points. The results are immediate and long lasting and will help eliminate the transferred pain and stress caused from the pressure point. We are so confident, that if you do not agree, we will provide you with a no questions asked money back guarantee within the first 30 days from date of purchase.

Recognizing that you have most likely suffered from these pressure points for many years and that they can create underlying medical issues such as trigger points in muscles (myofascial pain syndrome), we recommend that if you are still suffering pain after using the Gelepad, that you consult a medical professional for additional treatment.

Using Your Gelepads Effectively

Everyone’s body is different and we all are unique as to how we position our bodies, creating pressure points that are person specific. That is what makes Gelepads such a great solution to providing the comfort that is unique to your needs. With its position anywhere adhesive and ability to be relocated, you can position the Gelepad specific to you needs today and adjust tomorrow to a new location if desired. Experience will tell you what works for your body type and style of sitting. Make sure that the position where you place the Gelepad is well centered under the portion of the body that needs the cushioning. Enjoy your comfort!!