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  • Q. How do I apply the Gelepad?

    A. Make sure the surface is clean, then remove the protective cover from the back and apply to the surface where needed. If you need to reposition just pull off slowly and reinstall.

  • Q. Can the Gelepad be applied to leather surfaces?
    A. Our experience with applying Gelepads to leather surfaces is that they can safely be applied without any harm to the leather. But types and condition of leathers do vary and your experience may differ. So we advise that you proceed with caution. See leather install instructions. User assumes all liability for stains resulting from installation on leather surfaces.
  • Q. Can the Gelepad be applied to fabric or cloth surfaces?
  • A. The Gelepad adhesive will not attach effectively to cloth or fabric surfaces. There is also the possibility that the adhesive could stain the fabric. If applying to a fabric covered armrest that can have a strap wrapped around it, use the Gelepad Universal Base as a foundation to which to apply the Gelepad.
  • Q. I want to remove my Gelepad and take it with me. How does that work?

    A. Simply remove the Gelepad slowly from the surface and apply a piece of paper over the adhesive to protect it and place in your pocket, purse or briefcase. To reapply slowly remove paper and reapply to a clean surface.

  • Q. I removed my Gelepad and it left a small amount of adhesive behind. How do I clean this?

    A. Any residue left from the adhesive can be easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol, household or automotive cleaners designed for the materials cleaned.

  • Q. My Gelepad got dirty from use. Can I wash it?

    A. Yes wash it by hand with warm water and mild detergent. Let it air dry. Yes the adhesive can get wet and it will work again once dry. Do not machine wash or dry.

  • Q. My Gelepad lost some of it stickiness. What can I do to make it sticky again?

    A. Apply rubbing alcohol to the adhesive and let dry. This will make it sticky again.

  • Q. How do I know the Gelepad will fit my vehicle or chair?

    A. Unfortunately there are too many variations in vehicles and chairs to provide this answer. Please measure first to determine which Gelepad fits best.

  • Q. Will the Gelepad Freeze if left in my car?

    A. No, Gelepads can tolerate temperatures down to -40 degree F.

  • Q. I live in a hot environment. Will the heat of my car damage the Gelepad?-

    A. No, Gelepads can be left in your car without any damage.