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Perfect Pressure Point products provide you the ultimate in comfort, delivering more enjoyment to your life. Our focus in on developing personal comfort products that relieve pressure points on your body and fulfill needs where no other products currently exist or when we can make a significant improvement upon an existing comfort solutions. Our objective is to provide you an experience in comfort that produces that “AHHHH” feeling and motivates you to recommend us to your friends. We hope that you enjoy our products.

The Gelepad is a personal comfort pad that delivers instant and long lasting comfort anywhere you experience pain and soreness on your elbows, arms and legs from sitting in one location for extended periods of time. The Gelepad is made from a unique formulation of medical quality gel encased in a soft and resilient fabric that produces the feeling of a soft human muscle, providing the ultimate comfort experience. Think of a baby laying on his mother’s breast . You cannot get more comfortable than that!

Gelepads with their place anywhere adhesive backing, lets you to position it specific to your needs, providing instant and long lasting comfort. Gelepads allow you to do whatever you do more comfortably and with less stress and that is always a good thing!!

The Gelepads are available in a variety of sizes and colors (gray, black and tan) to easily fit in your vehicle, office or home and are universal in their application. All Gelepads are ½ inch thick, providing the right amount cushion and comfort for even the most demanding pressure point. The sizes available are:

2 x 5 (Oval)

2 x 9

3 x 6

3 x 8

Gelepad Universal Base

The Gelepad Universal Base provides for a convenient method of attaching the Gelepad to fabric and leather armrest that can have a strap wrapped around it. Contains: 1 each 3 x 8 and 2 x 9 attachment plates and 2 – 16 inch straps with buckle.